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Discover Bordeaux and its charming secrets with a local guide 

About My Tours

Are you visiting Bordeaux on your way to the wineries? Or are you on a family vacation looking to experience first hand the douceur de vivre of this beautiful French city? Either way, let this local professional guide show you her favorite Bordeaux!

My tours have been crafted to make art, history and gastronomy of Bordeaux interesting and accessible to everyone. 

I have carefully designed the itineraries, selected the main sights and curated the most important facts and information so you can just relax and enjoy understanding what makes this UNESCO World Heritage city so unique.

Delacroix Greece on the ruins of Missolonghi guided visit at Musee Beaux Arts Bordeaux


Food tour: guided and tasting visits in Bordeaux



I am a private, certified tour guide with 10+ years of experience. I provide fun and educational tours for travelers and families interested in discovering Bordeaux's history, food and wines. There is nothing I love more than sharing my knowledge and love for this city, and I am looking forward to uncover Bordeaux -as well as its hidden secrets- with you!


"This was a really fun tour. Jesica does treat you like a friend, and we loved the whole experience"

Sharon S


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